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5 signs why Real Estate Sector will benefit in the long run


Investing in property is a worthwhile effort, not only it insures your hard-earned money but if the property is selected wisely and keeping in mind price and legal compliance it also holds immense potential of huge return on your initial investment. Here are 5 more reasons why investing in real estate sector is your key to multiple benefits in the long run.

1. Earn While You Sleep

Real estate sector is your key to dependable growth in terms of wealth and stability. In fact, real estate is more relevant compared to Indian Stock market when it comes to reduced risk in investments. If the property is selected wisely and purchased keeping in mind price and legal compliance these deals provide the maximum return on your investment. In fact, savvy investors in Indian real estate have earned more than 20% annual returns in recent years.

2. Growing Cityscape And High Demand

India is rapidly changing with the changing trends and technology. It is estimated that the technological growth and employment prospects will add 30 crores new residents to the cities which would result in demand of places for them to live. Thus, the growth projections for residential real estate are strong and another reason to invest in real estate.

3. Dependability And Appreciation

 India has a GDP growth of 7.1% per annum and this gives tremendous boost to its growth story. The appreciation received for real estate is promising in the long run with the everincreasing value of land and property.

4. New Government Policies

RERA, Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act enhances transparency, bring greater accountability in the realty sector and set disclosure norms to protect the interest of builders, investors and end users. The recent demonetization in the long run, along with RERA will result in more fund flow from institutional investors, banks and higher unit sales and will also improve the home loan rates.

5. Multiple Benefits To The Buyers

Investing in real estate results in saving taxes on the loan requested from the banks. Also, to promote affordable housing, 100% deduction in profits of flats up to 60 square meters is given to the property owner. Figuring out how to profit from the Indian property market can seem daunting. However, it truly is one of the world’s foremost investment opportunities. With the right advice and guidance, investing in Indian real estate is well worth the effort. In the end, look for and grab the opportunities in real estate because they are your key to long term successful investment.



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