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7 Ways to Protect Your Home in the Monsoon


 Monsoon is that time of the year when your home can be most vulnerable. One should always perform certain checks in order to make their home ‘Monsoon Ready’. These checks and methods to protect your home from all the possible threats and ensure there are no damages. Here are a few ways you can ensure the protection of your home:


1. Keep Roof Leakages in Check


It’s only in the monsoons that we get to know about a lot of the leakage issues. If there are any that you spotted in the previous year, ensure that they’re taken care of before the arrival of current year’s monsoon. If not, the gaps could widen and can result in a bigger leakage problem and repairing it could be a bigger expense.


2. Ensure Smooth Functioning Of the Drainage System


No matter how good your home is, if the drainage system gets clogged, you just can’t live in it. The monsoon brings in additional flow of rain water in the drainage pipes and one should get it checked to ensure there’s no possibility of it malfunctioning and resulting in a stinky home.


3. Disinfectants


A lot of insects, pests, cockroaches find their way into your homes during the monsoons. Since drainage lines overflow with rain water, they end up coming out of gutters and crawl into our homes. You need to ensure that all kinds of disinfectants are being done at home before the monsoon arrives. This will ensure the safety of your family from all the unwanted diseases.


4. Flat Surfaces


Every year, one must keep a check on the areas in your homes that have a flat surface and have chances of having stagnant water. Any flat surface where the water stays will eventually lead to water seepage problem. In order to avoid that, one must ensure that the no surface area is letting the water stop.


5. Check with Wires, Switches and Electrical Fittings


Electric fittings, if not maintained properly can give you electric shock during monsoons. One must ensure that all the wires, switches and switch boards are properly maintained.  A small fault can also be a big threat to your home.


6. Keep the Home Ventilated


Keeping your home ventilated ensures that the home does not get damp. A constant supply of fresh air will keep those ‘monsoon diseases’ away from family members. Also, keep a box of basic medicines ready, just in case if any of the family members catch cold or fever.


7. Fix the Cracks


Your home’s interior and exterior cracks need to be sealed before the arrival of monsoons. You’ll do yourself great money saving by doing so, as this will protect your furniture and other décor from unwanted insects and termites. Also, this will beautify your home and give you more positive vibes.



The arrival of monsoon always brings potential problems for the home along with it. However, if you follow the above-mentioned points, you’ll surely avoid a lot of unnecessary problems and maintenance expense.



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