Till when will you live in a rented house? Till when will your kids have to change friends as frequently as you change houses? Till when will you keep shifting from one place to another because the landlord has a family function?

BDI Ambaram is carved straight out of your dreams offering multiple dwelling options. Contemporary homes designed to comfortably fit your family, your happiness, your dreams and above all; your budget.

While you would neighbor with some of the most prominent industrial setups like Honda SIEL, Shree Cement and Seigworks, the most prominent shopping, entertainment and education centres are just a short drive away. Situated on the Alwar Bypass in Sector 93, BDI Ambaram sits in close proximity to the Khushkehra Industrial Area with dual connectivity from Alwar Bypass and proposed sector road.


  Location - On 4 Lane Alwar - Bhiwadi, Mega Highway  
  Type - 1/2 BHK
  Status - construction started
  Price : on Request